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Who We Are

Sabrina González

Sabrina Gonzalez  is a Certified registered Tax Preparer, Licensed Insurance Agent, & Public Notary. She has been doing Insurance/Tax preparation/bookkeeping since she was nineteen years old, that’s over 32 years of bookkeeping knowledge. She started her Bookkeeping and Income Tax Business in 2013. 

When Sabrina is not in the office, she is out traveling with her husband, camping, or relaxing with family having a carne asada, or just spending time with her grandkids. 

Isidro González
Certified Acceptance Agent

Isidro Gonzalez is a Certified Acceptance Agent, he started with the company in 2016, he has 3 years experience in training staff to help clients apply for their ITIN (Individual Tax Identification number).

When he is not in the office he out enjoying hunting, traveling, and sometimes just relaxing at home with family and friends. 


Isidro Jr. González
Administrative Assistant

Isidro Jr. Gonzalez will greet you with a smile and offer you coffee, tea, or water when you come into our office, Jr started working in the Agency in 2018, he is a student at North Thurston High School.

When Jr. is not in the office he enjoys hearing music and playing video games, and likes hanging out with his friends at the movies.


Yoani Cruz

Bookkeeping Manager

Cynthia Espejo
Nicole Méndez
Cynthia Espejo

Certified Tax Preparer

My name is Cynthia Espejo Valencia, I am a certified tax preparer. I have been preparing taxes for four years. My work background has been in a office with accounting duties. I live in Long Beach WA, with my husband, two kids and three dogs. Our favorite things to do is camping and traveling to Mexico.

Lokesh R.png
Lokesh Rajagiri

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Insurance Department

I like traveling and am Interested to learn new things. When I am not at work, I spend time with my family and like to travel with them to new places. My wife & kids are my biggest assets.





"The ability to simultaneously perform as an individual and together with your colleagues or employees in effective teamwork is key to attaining growth and success"


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